Obermain X USAFLEX – Antibacterial Fabric

What are foot allergies?

You know you have them when your feet feel itchy or have rashes. The most common causes come from skin infection and poor circulation. Other causes may come from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces, such as visiting the bathroom.

Is there a solution?

Obermain formed a powerful collaboration with USAFLEX and released its one-of-a-kind Athleisure shoes collection which are highly regarded for their Antibacterial features. The Athleisure sneaker series are made with care to provide relief with its top four features:

  • Antibacterial Fabric: Lining with antibacterial characteristics to reduce the spread of bacteria and fungi, avoiding allergies and odors
  • Insole that emphasizes on moisturizing care: Lining with Aloe Vera extract which provides elasticity, hydration and softness to the skin which provides a pleasant feeling and prevents chafing of unnoticed open wounds.
  • Easy Fit: Shoe designed with intelligent and elastic materials for its practicality and easy to put on
  • Outsole:  Selected designs from this collection are crafted with its signature Gripflex outsole feature which guarantees better adherence to the ground and gives greater stability when walking

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