Take Care of Your Shoes, Make a Difference

It is true “Good shoes take you good places. The many ways we can show our appreciation to our shoe to make it last longer should be equally important as the effort we take to show love to our friends and family. These are 3 ways we would recommend to you:

Help Your Shoes Stay in Shape

  • Untie your shoelaces and use tightly rolled up paper towels/ newspaper to stuff your shoe. It would help absorb the moisture.
  • Invest in a shoe tree. It helps to dry out the inside of your shoes and prevent the development of creases. Your shoe will be thanking your for taking care of them!

Clean Shoes Matter

  • Use a small microfiber cloth to wipe the dust away. Then use either make up wipe or baby wipes to gently remove dust, scuffs or other marks for smooth texture areas.

Make A House for Your Shoe

  • If there is an option, do not choose to place your shoes where dust can collect on it
  • Choose a nice breathable cloth bag/ dust bags/ zip log bags or to keep the dust out, from scrapes or scuffs and also to keep out the moisture
  • You can give a nice home for your shoes by investing in shoe cabinets , or build a storage rack.

Your Shoes Deserve to Feel Good Inside

  • Remember to wear socks as they will help to absorb sweat and odor from your feet to keep your shoe interior fresh. Socks not only helps to cushion your feet, it also helps from providing friction between your feet which causes blisters.
  • The next tip for shoe care is important. Always wash your feet before slipping into your shoes.
  • If your insole is removable, remove it overnight so they can enjoy the fresh breeze and to dry them if they have a wet feel.
  • Always remember that heat and sunlight can deform insoles. Therefore, we have to be patient when drying wet insoles.
  • Just like humans, insole care needs deodorant for long days out to prevent odor.
  • Invest in leather cleaning products to clean leather insoles. Do not use baby wipes, non-leather cleaning products or rinse your insole.
  • Always keep a clean cloth around as you will need it to wipe away cleaning products.
  • Never put insoles in a washing machine.

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